Volunteer! - A key way to boost your creativity

In this, our fourth and final blog for Branding and Marketing professionals, we look at volunteering and why those of any age or stage in their career should do it.

For those just starting out, volunteering or interning is the best way to gain experience and build their skill base. For those already established, it is a way to give something back to their community, pass on skills to the next generation of professionals, or rediscover what they first loved about the industry.

In the creative industries, ideas and perspective are two of your most valuable tools. The better you are at connecting with people and understanding where they are coming from, the better you can connect them with the products or services they need.

There are so many organisations or people who can benefit from your time. Why not lecture at a local school or college on your specialist subject, help promote a charity working in an area close to your heart, offer to organise fundraising events for your church group, or raise the profile of a neighbourhood business you think others would love?

Choose the right one and the benefits to you also are many:

  1. Learn - For those starting out, it’s a great way to learn, show what you can do and prove you’re not afraid of hard work.

  2. Meet talented people - You’ll get to meet and learn from committed people you might not have known otherwise.

  3. Develop – You’ll get to use your existing skills in a way you would not have done in your current workplace.

  4. Get references – Volunteering is a great way to have other people say how hard you work, or how good your ideas are.

  5. Improve your health – Research has found that volunteering boosts happiness, quality of life and life satisfaction for those doing it.

  6. Relate to people better – Successful people know how to listen to and help others. As a volunteer you’ll get to know people from different backgrounds and hear their needs.

  7. Have creative freedom – When you offer your time for free, there are fewer restrictions on what you can do. Charities often take bigger risks with their marketing because they don’t have shareholders to answer to.

  8. Be challenged – If you offer to teach or lecture at a local school, the students won’t be afraid to ask you tough questions. Are you ready for that?

  9. Add worth – Yes volunteering will look good on a CV, but more importantly what you are offering others is of far greater value.

Step outside of your comfort zone and you may find a world of fun and interesting people who demand even more of you, than you do of yourself.