Transferable Skills

What do you do if you are like one of the recent Bank employees who have found themselves out of a job? With the recent bank downsizing in Nigeria many are finding themselves in this position. Whether recently redundant or unemployed, it becomes increasingly important in this work environment to be able to demonstrate your transferable skills.

Transferable skills are general skills you can use in many jobs. You gain these skills from previous jobs, projects, voluntary work, sport, your home life, hobbies, and interests. They enable you to be adaptable and flexible in case you need to change your job. Have a look at some of the selected articles in this week’s Shorties to identify some of your transferable skills.

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  • Learn about your transferable skills (Video)
  • A Checklist of transferable skills (List)
  • Do the transferable skills test (Quiz)
  • Join the conversation about transferring skills this week on LinkedIn (Online discussion)

Learn about your transferable skills (2.34mins)

Click here to learn how skills you have gained through life experiences can be used to market yourself, get into a training program, or find a job.

A Checklist of Transferable Skills (5mins)

Some questions should never be asked of employers because they either show you were not listening, didn’t bother to do some of your own research or are concerned about things that reveal you as not being the kind of person they want in the company. So strike these off your list and don’t use them anymore.

The skills below are important to employers. Which ones do you have?

• Communicate: Speak and/or write well and get your ideas across to other easily

• Interpret: Look at things and make sense of them, figure out what makes things work,why there is a problem, etc.

• Analyze: Break a problem down to see what is really going on

• Creativity: Use your imagination to come up with new ideas or to solve problems

• Order Goods/Supplies: Keep track of items and how to order them

• Decision Making: Make good judgements about what to do in a difficult situation, even when the supervisor is not present

• Adapt to Situations: Learn a new task and/or work in a different area with different co- workers

• Explain: Tell others why you do certain things they way you do or why you think the way you do

• Think Ahead: Plan your day and keep problems/accidents from happening

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Transferable Skills Quiz (10mins)

Most of us can describe the skills necessary to succeed in our current jobs. But it's often difficult for us to identify the skills that can be transferred to other occupations.

Assume you're a business owner that is looking for someone to help manage your office. You just received information about some potential candidates and need to determine who to invite in for an interview. Their accomplishments match what you're looking for, but you didn't get information about their backgrounds. Can you figure out which of the transferable skills listed below match the role? Give it a try!

Applicant No. 1 Skills

-Motivate others

-Interpret organizational goals

-Provide financial projections

-Coordinate multiple tasks


Who am I?

Parent, Graphic Artist, Accountant, Circus Clown, Politician, 5th Grader, Project Manager

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Infographic of the week

‘Top 10 Soft Skills of 2015'

Answer to quiz - Project Manager