What makes a top concierge in the hotel industry?

Being a top concierge in the hotel industry is not easy. Travellers expect a lot for their money, and will arrive knowing they can complain immediately if things aren’t to their expectations.

There are many pressures placed upon you by the hotel’s owners, customers and your colleagues, but the satisfaction gained from being the face of the hotel when things go well is addictive.

So maybe you work in the hotel industry already, or are looking to change your job in the leisure industry, or perhaps you are looking for a totally new career?

Then here are the qualities you will need to be a top hotel concierge:

You will have to be immaculate at all times. No dress-down Friday’s or excuses you were running late so didn’t shave. You are the first and last face guests will see, so no stubble, no unwashed hair and always a genuine welcoming smile.

You must know everyone and everywhere. A guest wants a top restaurant? Where to buy a partner a present? What to do on a Tuesday night for fun? You need an answer for everything.

If you are at a top hotel, then local businesses want to be your friend. They will encourage you to send your guests to them, but if you know they are no good, then can you accept their ‘generosity’? If you are sending guests to bad businesses, they will blame you.

You will always be in contact with people so you must love your job. Whoever they are; young, old, experienced, first timers - you are glad they chose to stay with you and you want them to have a perfect stay. If you’re bored, it will be the first thing they say as they walk away.

Things will rarely go smoothly. Guests will surprise you, rooms will get confused and suppliers will let you down. But if you can stay calm at all times, forgive guests for getting upset at a booking mistake and work through every problem until it’s resolved (avoiding complaints to head office), then you are worth every penny.

Your guest had a horrible journey. You are their sanctuary, but what if they are in a bad mood? You are there to talk them down, make them feel relaxed. Listen, relate then offer them a drink. They feel better already!

If you can balance all of these qualities, then perhaps the life of the concierge is for you. If you are one already, then ask yourself are any areas you know can be improved, then show them to a top hotel to start welcoming back their valued guests every year?

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