Talent Manager, Headhunter, Recruiter – What do they really do?

The internet has changed how we can find jobs forever.

Many companies however still have tried and tested ways to fill their roles, namely using industry experts to find and assess that talent.

But what exactly do they do, and why can it be hugely beneficial to your career to have at least one on your side?

To help understand just how valuable they are, let’s look at the different types of personnel specialist to see what they offer candidates and their clients.

Being contacted by a headhunter can be a big turning point in your career. Even if the role isn’t for you right now, it’s worth speaking as you don’t know what other roles might come up. Be sure you actually want a new role though. If you keep turning down roles for flimsy excuses, they will stop calling. Help them find you by having a good online presence.

Talent Manager
More often than not, a talent manger will work for a larger organisation, managing the careers of its employees. If you work in a larger organisation then you should probably befriend this person to see what opportunities there are for you to grow. If you are looking for work then it is not always best to approach direct as most likely they’ll recruit via an agency. Listen closely to your recruiter when they tell you what the TM is looking for.

Recruiters will speak to many people every day, so don’t be offended if they don’t return your call right away. What they will do however, is speak on your behalf, advise you on your CV and say what the market is like in your industry. They know what gets people jobs, so if you can buy one a coffee it will be incredibly valuable to hear what they have to say.

HR Manager
Being an HR Manager differs hugely from company to company. It totally depends on their needs, how big they are and how the company views the role. It can involve payroll, training, progress reviews or legal issues, and that’s before you deal with things like complaints! If your interview involves an HR manager, then make sure to impress them just as much as your potential boss, if not more, as they will no doubt be managing the recruitment process. You need to be their new best friend.

So don’t forget, whoever you might speak to and however you might find them, this person could kick start your career. Be where they look and be ready when you speak for the first time.

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