Size matters - Why working in a smaller agency will give you more creative freedom

If you are just out of university or looking to make your mark in Branding and Marketing, then working for a smaller agency may just make the difference in your career.

As well as giving you a greater chance to develop and demonstrate your creativity, you will get the chance to turn your ideas into successfully launched campaigns.

Here are 10 great reasons why working in a smaller agency will give you that creative freedom:

  1. You’ll get access to senior staff on a regular basis – you get to see how they think, how they speak to clients, where their ideas come from, and importantly for your career, get introduced to their network.

  2. You’ll get included (dragged sometimes!) into meetings when someone else can’t be there. You’ll very quickly have to learn who, why and what meetings are about and add something worthwhile for the client and your colleague. You do not get this at large companies.

  3. You’ll have to think on your feet and problem solve out of your comfort zone. Less manpower means smaller companies need their team to get involved in one another’s projects, meaning you get to do a wider range of tasks.

  4. You can have ideas on the way to work, contact your boss or client that morning and have a project in place that afternoon. Because they know you and where the idea came from they are more likely to trust you to deliver on it. Total freedom.

  5. Your input will be expected in brainstorm sessions. There’s nowhere to hide in a small company, great if you relish a challenge!

  6. Your idea may still be in tact by the end of the campaign. Oversight is a good thing, but there are less people to add new ideas or objections along the way.

  7. You’ll get unplanned chances to shine. Holiday periods, sickness and maternity leave are felt more keenly in small businesses. Your cover will be critical.

  8. You won’t be getting passed from person to person. Feedback comes direct from senior staff or sometimes even the businesses’ owner.

  9. Your ideas will make a difference. Smaller agencies want and need to get noticed – they do it with ideas, your ideas!

  10. You will be encouraged. Your boss wants you to do well because it reflects well on them. They want you to look out for opportunities and seize them before someone else does.

So why just be a cog in the machine, when you can be an influential individual with direct access to senior staff?

Your ideas will be valued; getting developed much faster than larger companies with more processes and sign-off stages, and most importantly of all, they will remain yours!

Next week, we look at how just a few small changes will help you to start making the jump from Assistant to Senior role.