Re-Start Your Career In Customer Service

5 Ways To Restart Your Career

So you’ve been working in your chosen profession for a while but have hit a brick wall. You’re not sure what else you can do to stand out or get ahead, or even worse you don’t enjoy it as much as you used to.

Here are some great tips to re-start your career, stand out from colleagues or re-discover your passion for the industry:

Organise a family holiday
This might sound crazy, but pick your favourite place, a date, and tell everyone they have to be there. You might not get everyone, but reminding your family that you’re the one who makes sure everyone has a great time, will remind yourself.

Write a report
Have you seen the film Jerry Maguire? He is a successful sports agent who ‘grows a conscience’ and writes a memo statement about how the industry should be. Things go bad at first because it upsets many people, but ultimately he finds true happiness because he was writing his own future.
Write a report for your boss about how things should be – if they don’t like it, find a new boss who does. Someone who likes boldness.

Start a club
It can be about sports, books, cooking; whatever. The idea is that you bring together your colleagues, ideally ones you don’t know that well already which then gives you a chance to speak regularly about what the enjoy.
Just imagine the amount of possibilities that will arise when you get to network while doing something fun. Also, you are the boss!

Use your name
Are you still telling everyone you meet your name? I don’t mean friends or people at your church group; I mean customers, department heads, colleagues you don’t know that well, skills trainers who may only be around for a day, or suppliers.
The more people who know your name, know you are confident and ask for you when they call or drop in, the more opportunities will open up. That, your smile, and your ability to resolve problems will be your calling card.

Now this may sound drastic, but if you were to walk out of your job today, what would you do? Would you finally update your CV, finish your SHORTLIST profile, call your friend who works for the dream employer, go to networking meetings, volunteer for a charity, call your top 10 ideal companies and ask if they have any vacancies?

No one wants to be out of work, but safety breeds complacency, and what customer wants to come into contact with a complacent customer service rep?

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