Are you a people person? Turn your skills into a new career

Are you looking for a career change? Perhaps your internal desk job makes you feel like you’re making the most of your outgoing personality?

Customer Service isn’t just about answering phones or only speaking to people when they’re angry. It’s about loving your product, bringing energy and passion to everybody’s day and being able to respond to constantly changing circumstances.

It also applies to many different roles, so let’s look at some of the ways you could turn your outgoing personality into a new career.

Events organiser
Organising events is all about detail. That and keeping a cool head. You will need to be organised from day one and never let problems knock you off track. Your clients will constantly change, and they will expect something new and more exciting than the last, so you will need to be an ideas-person too. Be warned though, the adrenaline many experience during the actual event can be addictive!

Customer Service professional
As a customer service professional, you are trusted to represent the company every day; its principles, its practices and its commitment to customer satisfaction. You are there to be the ‘face’ of an organisation that may never actually get to meet its customers, or the one trusted to make decisions that others may not feel comfortable doing. This can happen in a number of ways, over the phone, in a reception or as part of an in-store department, but the responsibility is the same – resolution.

Hotel concierge
You would be the face of the hotel, the first and last person many would see on their holiday or business trip, and the person everyone will turn to when things go wrong. No day will be the same as you never know who will walk through the door, and every local business will want you on their side. Maybe start by reading our recent article on what it takes to be a top hotel concierge.

Travel rep
The growing options for where people can go and what they can do, means there are now more choices for what you can do in the travel industry. You may be organising bespoke holiday packages for intrepid travellers, guiding nervous travellers through a new world or specialise in areas such as outdoor adventures like white water rafting! If you dread heading to your desk every day, then this may be the career for you.

Retail is all about customer service. Every single day you will be in contact with potentially hundreds of people and so you must be able to react to any problem, and know your products inside out. The more high-end the retailer, the bigger the emphasis will be on the customer. You will be a brand ambassador and the customer’s new best friend, because ultimately every new person who comes through that door could be a customer for life.

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