Is No Social Media Presence Better Than A Bad One?

For businesses today, having no online presence is ridiculous. Most people will do at least a quick internet search for your service, so to not even turn up there means you’re already at a disadvantage.
But on social media, where you get to show the world who you are and not just what you do, to get that wrong can spell disaster.

Let’s take a look at the major sites are you currently using them to their strengths?

Facebook – Acts as a good news site where you can post (decent quality) images, write longer posts about what you’ve been up to and of course pay for targeted ads to those searching for services like yours. Done correctly, it can be low maintenance, and if you watch it for negative comments you can respond quickly and manage the issue.

Twitter – Great for keeping fans up to date at live events or comment on trending stories. Use it to share links that others may find useful and speak to the community of fans in your industry. Things can get out of hand quickly though, so you need to be on it regularly if it’s going to be part of your business.

LinkedIn – Perfect for companies offering professional services to establish their credibility. Post content where you talk in detail about what you do, offer up ideas and connect with others talking about industry issues. Targeted ads will also bring people to you at a relatively low cost.

Start by checking yourself out
You can’t spend all day online and keep everyone happy, but just take a moment to search for your business online, do you like what you see?

If you don’t, don’t try and correct it by going online just to say great things about yourself: a) it’s very time consuming, b) it guarantees nothing, and c) people will be able to tell your consistently glowing reports are fake.
Instead, answer any questions you can, keep it simple and offer to help any unhappy customers offline. Make them happy and at the very least they will stop complaining online!

Unless you can spend all day on social media, then just think of it as a place to share. To share good news, new products, images of your staff enjoying what they do, competition winners or good reviews in the press – anything that helps people when they do find you, to learn who you are.

Be honest, be consistent and be social. You can’t say fairer than that.

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