Job-hunting Hell! When you feel like nothing is working

You’re spending hours on jobsites, pressing apply to everything. You’ve lowered your salary requirement, experience level and passed your CV to everyone you know. It can be so frustrating and feel pointless. Am sure you’ve asked yourself ‘what else can I do’ a thousand times.

We don’t have the magic secret because there is no magic secret you just have to Keep Doing What You’re Doing.

So let’s do a quick audit – judge yourself harshly are you really doing the following to the best of your ability?


Sign up to them all – the new ones the old ones. Everyday there are new sites popping up. Employers try and get a good response rate by advertising across all channels and sites. So don’t just stick to one, they may miss your application on one but pick it up on another for the same job.

Keep applying
Make is easier for yourself by setting up the CV or profile so you can apply automatically with one click. Which leads to the second point.

Make sure your profile is up to date
If you’ve attached your CV to your account or created a profile make sure it is the latest and best version don’t keep sending out an outdated or grammatically incorrect versions because of laziness. You’re undoing all your hard work.


Find out where people are meeting and go
There are so many great events happening in Lagos many are free. Social Media Week, Memberships bodies, networking professionals. Make the effort to go! Operate and be seen in the space you are trying to get a job. Swap business cards, show interest and put your best foot forward (no matter how down and desperate you may be feeling).

Just go and have a good time!
Showing up to social events lifts you up. Meeting new people, exchanging views and ideas even if they don’t lead to a job on the spot it’s a still a way to enjoy yourself and pass the time.

Your CV
Review, Write, Review, Write …
Get out of the mindset that you’re cv doesn’t need work. Your cv ALWAYS needs work, it’s a moving goal post. The amount of candidates we have complain about lack of employer interest only to see the whole of a 2 years role is described in one sentence as “ I was responsible for accounting procedures”.

Do the work, tailor your CV for the job your going for. Ensure it contains all the right terminology and that you’re pitching it on the right level. Most of all don’t make people work hard to understand what you’re about; they should get it within a few minutes of skimming your CV.

Go Freelance
Package your services and then sell it
With this economic climate permanent staff maybe a stretch for companies. If you can package your skills to an easily understood service then do it. Maybe you can “Write and execute an online marketing campaign” for a growing business for a fixed fee. Or come in once a week and do accounts for a friend with a small business. Think creatively how you can package and market your skills into an affordable and easily understood proposition. This is why networking is important – your network is an instant potential customer base.

Get friends and family to hire you
Offer your services to friends and family. Don’t be shy about charging people you know as long as you are confident about what you can deliver and you know you can do a good job. Go to a friend or family at your next gathering and pitch them a service at a price you know that works for them.

In Conclusion - There is no hard and fast solution to job hunting. We’ve all been there, and easy to say don’t get down it’s hard when it feels like nobody wants you. But the worst thing you can do is to stop trying – then there really is no chance of finding somewhere. You need to be in it to win it.

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