How to make recruiters work for you

Most job seekers think recruiters hold all the power when it comes to finding the perfect role.

The truth is, recruiters are under a great deal of pressure to find the perfect candidate each time, while having to read between the lines about what each candidate really wants.

As such, candidates hold a great deal of power if they already have the answer to their problem. To make the most of your position, take a look at our 5 ways to ensure recruiters work for you:

Be totally clear what you want - Know your industry, your level, your skills and your ambitions inside out and recruiters are far more likely to find you the right role. Putting together your CV, filling out your online profiles such as your SHORTLIST profile, and practicing interviews with your friends all help you achieve this.

Always return their calls - If you don’t answer your calls or reply to their emails for whatever reason, recruiters will move on. Even if it seems like a prospecting call, it is worth speaking to them as you do not know what is around the corner. Be sensible if you at work of course, but every great career is built on a great network.

Be patient - Ring a recruiter every day for a job and they will stop answering the phone to you. Allow them time to consider what you need, look through all of your details and think about the roles they have, then call back at a time most likely convenient to them. First thing Monday morning or Friday afternoon is unlikely to get a response.

Speak to them all - OK it might not be possible to speak to every recruiter, but don’t think speaking to one guarantees you a job. They will only be working with a selection of clients and therefore will have only a few jobs applicable to you. Spread your net far and wide and you improve your chance of finding the right job for you.

Stay in touch – Like you, recruiters survive by their network. If you stay in touch after being placed in a role, thank them for helping you get it and offer suggestions on how they can either improve what they do or professionals you know who are looking for a new challenge, then it proves you are a valuable asset. When you are ready to move up, they will be your best friend in finding out what opportunities are out there.

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