Career change – Should you become a recruiter?

The recruitment industry doesn’t always have a great image.
Agents not returning calls or emails, or placing candidates in the wrong roles leave some feeling they’d be better off doing it themselves.

But recruiters experience these issues from the other side. Clients who don’t always present their roles accurately or candidates who don’t know what they want.

More positively however, they get to benefit from having a huge network of professionals, a unique insider knowledge of different industries, the satisfaction of making the right connections, and working with ambitious, career-minded professionals every day.

So perhaps you are a people person and want to be one of the agents giving the industry good name? Using your naturally outgoing personality to make hundreds, if not thousands of connections, and helping businesses grow because of your skills?

Here are 5 steps to changing your career and becoming Nigeria’s next great recruiter!

Start by ‘sourcing’ – You need to find an agency that can let you shadow their recruiters; teaching you how to proactively source candidates, write good job ads, assess CVs and understand clients’ needs over the phone. Start ‘sourcing’ those agencies.

Leave the office! – Network like never before. After-work or lunchtime trade events, industry get-together’s - whatever you want to call them - meeting recruitment agents face to face will vastly increase your chances of finding the right agency to work for.

Expand your social network – Platforms like SHORTLIST are great for promoting yourself, but if you are going to start sourcing candidates to place and agencies to work for, then you need to learn where they talk and what their problems are (which you will solve). This will be your life from now on!

Research the agencies – Don’t just look on the internet. Find recruitment industry magazines to see which agencies are spoken of well and what they say about their staff. If they say they hire ambitious people, whatever their background, then reference this in your application.

Pick up the phone! – Recruiters spend all day looking at CV’s, reading online profiles and planning job ads. Bringing your name to life with a voice makes a huge difference to your chances of getting a job at their agency. Listen for their needs and plan how to solve them.

If you are serious about changing your career to something more hands on, that isn’t the same every day and will introduce you to many new people, then recruitment could be the change you are looking for.

Find the one you want to work for, read what they say about themselves and make sure you are the person they need. Then start convincing them!

If you are a Nigerian professional looking for your next career move, sign up at SHORTLIST Nigeria and reserve your space in our talent pool.

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