Are you maximizing your future earnings in your current job?

We know money isn't everything, but it helps. The world around us isn't getting any cheaper. Rent, food, petrol, transport – everyone wants a share of your salary! The cost of basic living is increasing at a rate that puts additional pressure on an already stressful life. So how much has your salary gone up in recent times? Maybe it's time to rethink the way you look at your earnings.

Your salary is more than just what you earn. Ultimately it is a business transaction in which you receive money in exchange for not only your skills and efforts, but for your most valuable and finite commodity - time.

Time is in such short supply, it is important to use it wisely. There are ways we can manage our time and increase in your current job – longer hours don’t always mean more money!

One way is through your job performance. Put simply, how well we perform at our job can influence our future earning potential. Your performance is affected by a number of factors that can easily be addressed with a little bit of awareness.

Increase your Focus at work
When you are at work, it is important to leave outside distractions at the door. You need to be in a position to perform at your peak throughout the work day, and things like online shopping, receiving personal calls and browsing the web can lead to decreased productivity, or worse – the perception of decreased productivity.

Improve the Perception of your role
Make sure that you are aware of the people around you, not just those you report to. I know people good at their jobs, but passed over for promotion or extra responsibility because they gained a reputation for being too laid back. Far from the truth unfortunately, in fact they were laid back because they were organised and got their work done easily, but the perception was that they lacked intensity. Don’t be afraid to let me people know how much work you’re doing, “I’m so thankful I created that new system, it’s halved the time I spend on these reports” – never hurts to sing your own praises or look busy, even when you’re not.

Step out of the Comfort zone
One of my favourite quotes is “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”. A comfort zone gives us inertia – a resistance to change in motion. It makes it too easy to do what you have always done, and to accept what you have always been given. Ask yourself whether you have gone beyond what you know, put your hand up for new responsibility, looked at joining a new team, tried to learn any new skills, or challenged yourself to exceed your personal best? No? Now’s the time to do it!

Ready for a real Change?
If you are not being appreciated in your job, or if you are not receiving the opportunities you feel you deserve, then it is time to do something different. Maybe get yourself back on the job market? Why not try putting yourself out there to see what someone else can offer you? Or perhaps it is time to look at the idea of contracting or freelancing, either instead of, or in addition to your current job? You’ll never know if you don’t try… so what are you waiting for get out there.

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