Are you easily replaceable?

If you’ve ever wondered what Personal Branding is and how this would benefit you, then read our simple guide to getting started.

We’ve collected bite sized portions. Our short blog post gives you: gurus, tips and videos all in one place.

So …What is personal branding?

Summarising the countless articles we’ve read, in a nutshell it’s about...

  • Investing time to understand what you want to be known for
  • Getting clear visibility of the terrain you’re stepping into
  • Being confident about what you’re bringing to the table and
  • Building a strategy that will serve as the roadmap to your career ambitions.

Start here… Lisa Quast gives a beginners guide on Personal Branding 101, including 6 helpfull steps of how to get started.

Putting it into action… William Arruda – is a big personality within this field, who has a whole series of Youtube video’s that have short, effective and clear key messages that resonate with anyone new to this concept.

Our favourite two are his highlights of what four things successful people have in common and his How not to brand yourself which is equally useful in dispelling myths around self promotion.

Stay in the loop… Other personal brand Gurus worth following are @DanSchawbel @CatherineKaputa @wendyterwelp.

If you’re running your own business, the talented Mrs Noella Ekezie from Ellae Agency in Lagos, exclusively shares the importance of branding your start-up no matter your size.

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