7 Resume Building Tools for 2016

If you're thinking of re-doing your Resume, you may consider like many people to get some professional help.
Two things to consider:

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • What am I getting for my money?

If you've answered these questions and you're ready to invest in that great resume, here are a few good resume builders we've reviewed...

E Resume

Seen as one of the top resume builders around, we're led to think it’s largely because it's exceptionally simple to use, easy to navigate around the website and its resumes are very professional. E resumes ranges from the Student, Professional, Technical, and Executive resumes and other add-ons like cover letters, Thank you letters and references.

How it works? It’s easy. First you fill out the online form, which includes basic educational and work information, and have the specialized writers at E-Resume compile your information and give you a befitting professional resume. With a phone consultation to aid you through the process and answer all the questions you might have.

Resume Companion

This CV builder offers you the ability to create resumes for a massive range of occupations, for free! With Resume Companion, you can download your resume in a variety of formats and choose from over 60,000 job descriptions to help you produce a professional sounding resume with ease.

How it works?

You simply choose your preferred template and then you’re guided through a series of steps to fill in your basic information. The standard of writing here is high, thus providing you with set phrases and descriptions that applies to your desired job to easily copy from. In the end, the final product looks smart and should sit well with any potential employer. This is a good choice for those who simply need an easy and well-organized method of creating an impressive resume and the site offers some advice on how to go about applying for jobs.

The layout of the site we thought impressive and other than the simple design of the resume builder, its ability to properly section out the different parts of your resume we found really helpful, particularly because we understand the struggle with writing your resume in MS Word.

Pro Resume Writing Service

This is a simple and straightforward resume, but works a little differently from the previous services.

How? The process is simple - send them your resume and a professional resume writer recreates it for you. As rightly put, it is an excellent choice for those that already have their resume drafted but need help getting it to the next level.

Pongo Resume

The layout is simple to navigate, the website is a creative wealth of information ranging from: templates, resume writing samples, blog posts, preparing students for the job market, interview questions etc. Interesting to see that Pongo pays attention to its clients and meets their career needs with relevant and informative content.

Similarly, the builder software is user friendly and intuitive. At every point of your resume building, there are helpful hints to show you how to make the absolute best of your assets. It reduces the stress of resume-writing so that you can create an impressive and conclusive resume within minutes and not forgetting its unique attention to detail, ensuring that all information is in place, and your resume has a polished and professional edge.
How it works?

Each section of your resume is written separately, with an overview of what it should include and what style it should be written in. After that, it goes through a spell check to pick out any spelling or grammatical errors. Also, with a “task manager” that takes care of the hassle of job application, whilst serving as a good reminder for your scheduled appointment. The subscription is very affordable and good value for money, but you can begin with a free trial to ensure it works for you.

Resume Writers

Resume Writers offers a nice list of resume writing services, from basic resumes for new grads to a very in-depth resume for professionals and executives. The cost of writing varies as well, owing to the varying offering but with a guarantee that you will get at least one interview by using your new resume or they will rewrite for free.

How it works?

My Resume Online

Offers a completely free service which helps you to create resumes, alongside a bulk of rich career content to help you through your job hunting experience. With real time stats that allows you see how often you are viewed, it also provides an option of publishing your resume online, opening you up to far more opportunities and a larger network of employers.

How it works? Features are pretty basic, but useful. A template for your resume is provided, giving advice on what each section needs to entail, but leaving you to create your personalized resume that stands out. The provision of sample resumes also helps as it gives you a grasp of the style of the kind of resume you wish to create, depending on which sector you are hoping to work in, and hence this needs to be factored into your thought-process.
Conclusively, this free and easy to use resume builder service includes all the details you might need in a piece of resume-building software.

Resume Edge

Looking for something a bit more thorough and more personalized? Then this is it. Resume Edge carefully takes into consideration your talents experiences, education, job history etc. ensuring that it is properly reflected in a format that employers are immediately drawn to. The variety of resume types makes it even more impressive.

How it works?

It takes you step by step as you fill in the tabs, choose a template and edit the information.
An added service Resume Edge offers is the rich resume related information and solutions that seeks to solve all your resume issues. A little pricy but you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

In conclusion There are many great resume building tools out there, so take your time and good luck on your search.

If there are any great resume builders you use or have come across, please share your recommendations and get in contact with us through our candidate care - candidatecare@shortlistnigeria.com and across our social media networks: Twitter, Facebook,Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.