6 strategic points to use in every interview

“ Do you have any questions to ask me? ”

You will find this question is asked in almost all interviews – this shows it is not only a very important question but is also a strategic question that could make or break your chances of getting the job. Remember these points as you sail through your next interview:

In asking this question, the employer is not only checking they have covered all points but also gauging your level of interest in the role.

It is also an opportunity to show how sharply you can think on your feet
Your failing to ask the interviewer thought inspiring questions is the fastest way to end your interview on a bad note and spoil your chances of being called back.

Your ability to give a brilliant response to this question immediately separates you from other candidates and makes you stand out.

Gives you an open forum to learn and gain more direct information about the company/role.

Next time your interview draws to a close and the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions to ask me?” remember to use this as a golden opportunity to shine!

Ask questions where the interviewer would be able to tell you about specific situation and provide clear examples.

When in doubt, play it smart and instead compliment the hiring manager and say, “no I don’t have any questions, I think you’ve covered everything.”

Here are a few sample questions you can apply

  1. What are the three main factors you will be using to determine the right person for this job?
    Helps you discover how you fit in with the job criteria, the team etc.

  2. What have been the main characteristics of your favorite employees?
    Gives you more to think about after the interview: it illustrates the qualities that the company value and you can consider if you have some of those same qualities.

  3. As a manager, what frustrates you about the people that work for you?
    This alerts you to what behaviors to watch out for in yourself if you get the job.

  4. What three things would your colleagues/employees say you do extremely well?
    This gives you a better idea of how the company operates – since you’d most likely be working in teams, you get to know more about your colleagues and team dynamics.

  5. What is the greatest challenge I would face in the position?
    Prepares your mind for how best to prepare for the role.

  6. How did the last person who had this job perform and what one thing could they have done better?
    Gives you a head start on how best and what best to focus on doing.

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