10 things to get you geared up for 2016!

A great year it is and also a good time to review and make concrete plans for the year.
Here are 10 things you must do to ensure 2016 is a smooth sail – We call it the “10 majors”

1. Career: Take charge of your life

Whether you are at the start of your career or way up the ladder, this is a good time to set new goals for the year.

What do I want to achieve in my career this year?

  • Try writing your goals on a piece of paper, paste it where you'll come across it often.
  • The more you remind yourself about what you want to do and the more you can visualise it, the more you'll want to achieve it.
  • Make your goals specific, realistic with deadlines and a way to measure.
  • Take action, action is the only factor that produces results.

Check out: Tony Mayo Executive coach, collection of goal setting tools and podcasts to kick of 2016. http://bit.ly/1asX5CZ

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Risk doesn't start and stop with a sky diving trip or a big career change; it's with us when we make a friend or try a new restaurant.

Risk is "whatever gives you that 'ping' feeling where you wonder what's going to happen next, the sense of satisfaction that comes from trying something new and proving yourself up to task.

As Donald trump would say "What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate"*

3. Time management

A major discipline you’ll need to translate into everything you do this year.

  • Start by making a daily lists- but ensure you use them.
  • Set deadlines and stick to them.
  • It's advisable to set a deadline a few days before the tasks absolutely has to be done.
  • Stop multitasking, focus on only one thing at a time.

Check out Brian Tracy's short video on Time Management and the use of 'consequences' to prioritise workload. http://bit.ly/1j9GZ9m

4. Personal Branding

To stand out, you've got to stand for something.

  • Clearly define your aspirations. Take charge and be your own boss.
  • Ask the right questions: Are my plans helping to build my brand or my career?
  • Remember to address all aspects of your brand: Image, career and personal.

Check out our blog post on Personal Branding http://blog.shortlistnigeria.com/are-you-easily-replaceable”/

5. Network more effectively

Networking is really about relationship building, which in turn keeps the experience rich and authentic.

  • Find out what's interesting about the people you want to engage with, endeavour to have real conversations.
  • Ask questions, helps you learn more about them but balance that out by being a good listener.
  • Overall be yourself- that's a sure sign of authenticity.

Check out Mr Foluso Phillips of Phillips Consulting shares great tips on making powerful relationships http://blog.shortlistnigeria.com/mr-foluso-phillips-on-networking/

6. Commit to a healthier lifestyle

It's not always easy learning new healthy habits, so try:

  • Drinking two glasses of water first thing in the morning.
  • Getting enough sleep, lack of sleep can cause stress and long term illness.
  • Snacking the healthy way with more fruits and vegetables.
  • Staying clear of the "3 white poisons" Sugar, Salt and Flour.
  • Turning your commute into a work out, by getting off the bus earlier or parking further away from the office.

7. A Savings Culture

Saving for a rainy day, holiday, special occasion or a car? You have to start somewhere:

  • If your workplace has a savings scheme, now's the time to try it out.
  • Try spending the next 6 months putting 10% of your salary away.

Check out Pocket Finance our favourite finance blog from Mrs Omilola Oshikoya, offering great tips and advice pocktfinance101.blogspot.co.uk

8. Social Awareness:

Get involved in community projects this year. Strive to action change in your circle of influence, workplace or the local community where you live.

Slum2skool is one great initiative that created a lot of buzz in 2013. One of their most concluded volunteer projects- "Christmas-In-A-Box"; was directed at providing under-privileged kids in the slum areas of Lagos with amazing Christmas gift boxes.

9. Document your successes

Take stock of your accomplishments:

  • Make a list of what you've done. Counting your blessings is identified as a cause of happiness.
  • Develop a sense of gratitude.
  • Remember to celebrate your achievements while you proceed through the year.

10. Stay positive

Pump up your optimism. Write about your great future life- the idea is to envision your goals and dreams come true. Avoid negative thinking and unhealthy self-talk. Stay open to laughter and humour. Try watching some comedy with friends or family. Practice gratitude. Noticing and appreciating the positives in our lives offers a great mood boost.

As the year unfolds and you get caught up in your day to day tasks, the excitement and urge of accomplishing these goals you’ve set might wear off. Stay focused and don’t give up. Start with one or two of the most important ones and give it your best, then once accomplished, you can move to others. There is no better time than now for
introspection. Have a beautiful year ahead.


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